Attention Tenant Reps & Landlord Reps! Refer Your Clients - Receive A Commission!

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Chandlee and Sons Construction Company is offering an incentive to tenant representatives, landlord representatives, agents and other business owners. We will pay a commission to you for each client you refer to us that signs a design and/or construction contract with our firm.

  • We will pay $1,000 OR 1% of the gross contract amount, whichever is the greater amount, to you for your first referral.
  • We will pay 1% of the gross contract amount to you for each additional referral.
  • We will pay .5% of the gross contract amount to you for each referral to another agent or business owner.

Tenant and landlord representatives, agents and business owners add more money to your bottom line on deals you have already sealed through our referral program. Our program is designed to enhance the level of customer service you offer your clients when you connect them to our dedicated team of professionals who have a proven track record of fulfilling a client’s design and construction needs. The team of Chandlee and Sons offers a success rate of 100% for you and for your client through these services:

  • Initial upfront cost projections provided quickly
  • Conceptual renderings and drawings of the completed project
  • Architectural and engineering design and construction documents and plans
  • Construction planning, implementation and management

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company is thrilled to provide this incentive program to you. Join us in offering your client a full-service, turn-key solution to the design and construction of their new business. Give our Alpharetta office a call at 678-278-9226 anytime Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm to sign up or email us at We look forward to working with you soon.