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A&E Sell This House: Extreme, Season 2, Episode 23, Lindbergh Drive, Atlanta, Georgia

January, 30 By admin

On day one of the filming, cars are parking three houses over in both directions. Tents are going up for the cutting and preparation and there are RV’s for the hosts. We asked the producers for our own trailer, a makeup artist for the electrician, and Starbucks for all the guys. We got the coffee and a commitment on the makeup.

Shoot, stop, build, cut, action . . . Electrician resorted to a hammer and Daniel Kuncan, the designer, told us of the love letters his fiance sifts thru when he is not at home in Los Angelos. Kim, the producer, is a ton of fun with witty jokes at all times.

Charlie Frattini with Seth Chandlee (see photo) builds high rise buildings in New York City, outside of his acting career.

Daniel Kuncan and I playing around in the backyard between filming sets.

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