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Design Build

Design-Build is a contracting method that is gaining notoriety because it provides significant cost and time savings clients. Since the traditional Design – Bid – Build process separates design and construction clients must contract with an architect, an engineer and then the contractor separately. Utilizing the Design-Build method benefits the client as every service that is required can be performed with one company by connecting the architect and the engineer contractually to the contractor. This method is very advantageous for everyone as it keeps the lines of communication open, saves time and saves money.

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company is a commercial Design-Build contracting firm that serves the Metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. When a client contacts us they are immediately connected to a team of professional architects, engineers, designers, and the general contractor who can handle the entire construction project!

Chandlee and Sons Construction team provides conceptual and working drawings along with an initial budget estimate to reduce the cost of paying for complete architectural drawings that are usually required for major projects. Our team provides feasibility studies, the customized features unique to every project and every required permit up through the issuing of the Certificate of Occupancy.


If design plans are already complete, Chandlee and Sons Construction will construct the project at a great price within a fair time frame to the full satisfaction of the client. If the project is located in a strip center, we will incorporate the developer’s specifications and the needs of future tenants and shoppers in the design.

On every project the goal of Chandlee and Sons Construction Company is …

  • To eliminate any surprises
  • To construct the project with the very best materials
  • To present the highest quality craftsmanship
  • To reduce the time it takes for completion of each stage
  • To maintain the best possible relationship between the client and our team
  • And to save the client money, period!