About Chandlee Construction Atlanta

Our History, Present, and Future

To Create and offer solutions to each customer that meets their goals.

Chandlee Construction Co was founded in 2006, between two partners, as many of the builders were going through the housing crisis/recession of the mid 2000’s. Each Day we focused soley on the Commercial “Interior Finish/Light Construction” market. This market seemed to always stay busy, as there is never a lack of entrepreneurs in this city. As many of our peers were hit hard by the Housing Bust, we were lucky enough to maintain consistent growth year after year.

By providing hands on – “One on One” personal service with each and every customer, Chandlee very quickly went from two pickup trucks to a Fleet of Dodge Ram Trucks all over the State of Ga. This led us into many years of winning the coveted Inc “Ranking” for the Fastest Growing Companies in the US.

We worked long hours, learned lots of lessons, handled customers who were harder than most to deal with, and ultimately created a reputation for being a BBB A+ ranked company, whose track record of success has given us the reputation/ability to nearly negotiate directly with many of our customers

After all of these years of “Quality – Timely” projects being turned over and over, our reputation has grown to be that of a “Desired GC” whose customers seek out directly for us to build their projects. We are very Thankful for the opportunities you bring to us and for your level of trust with our team of professionals.

Our current day to day operations focus on a range of 12-15 projects under construction at any given time, while having this many if not more pending starts. This seems to be the range we are best set up to focus on, thus we prefer to provide a service/product that remains within our spectrum of expertise. We build literally any and everything in the 4m and under price point – very efficiently. This is the size we have seen the most success with and therefore it remains a point of focus for our team.

Rest assured, any customer of Chandlee’s will receive the same level of attention, care, and overall success as the other. It is our goal to make your life easier, while doing what we do best.

Dream Into Reality
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