We are an Atlanta-based family owned and operated commercial Design-Build general contractor
focusing on Lean Construction building methods for our clients.

Commercial design building construction

Commercial Design
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Commercial Civil & Site  Development

Commercial Civil & Site Development

Commercial Ground Up Construction

Commercial Ground-Up Construction

Commercial Shell & Core Construction

Commercial Shell & Core Construction

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Commercial Grading & Utility Construction

Commercial Interior Build-Out Construction

Commercial Interior Build-Out Construction

Commercial Remodel Construction

Commercial Remodel Construction

Welcome To Chandlee Construction


Why choose Chandlee Construction Company first to design and build your next project? Because we are experts at lean construction and want your business to succeed. Our team of professionals are excellent at expediting the design and build-out of any commercial or industrial construction venture. We are committed to saving time and money through lean construction methods and excellent communication while incorporating the best materials and building process for your unique project.

We offer ground-up, shell/core, grading/utility, interior build-out, and remodel/renovation construction, as well as site and civil development. We work with municipalities efficiently to construct and open your business within timelines once thought impossible. We are committed to ensuring the process is concise as though executed with surgical precision.

Chandlee Construction is on your team through the entire process, from the first meeting to discuss your ideas through handing you the keys to your new business. Working with you from the beginning guarantees we fully understand exactly what you want. With this one-mind approach, our representative and you present the concept to a highly reputable architect to ensure the resulting drawings, renderings and recommendations adhere to the budget and construction timeline. We permit the project and purchase all necessary materials while keeping you informed daily throughout the build process.

We are seeking the client who selects a reputable general contractor first based on their own research about the contractor’s history, qualifications, and reputation in the industry. Chandlee is a team of highly qualified general contractors, architects, engineers, designers, estimators, project managers and coordinators who are committed to you, our client. We offer platinum customer service through focused attention to detail rarely found in our industry. We provide a technological system that promises you 24/7 real-time access to your project – daily reports, updates, photos, milestones, all from your phone, tablet, or computer. Every contracted project hits all departments in our firm immediately alerting every team member to make your project job one! Check our Dun & Bradstreet ratings; our Better Business Bureau ranking; our reputation in the industry; our awards from INC500, INC5000, Pacesetter, Atlanta Business Chronical, Forbes, the Mayor’s Award of Excellence; and our customer reviews. Our client’s needs are the force that drives us to ensure the successful completion of every project – goals, schedule and budget are the target. Let us bid your next venture.

Press - If you are ready work on a project!
Our team is on standby to handle your project today!

Press - If you are ready work on a project!
Our team is on standby to handle your project today!


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The CHANDLEE Difference

Discover the Chandlee Difference! The Chandlee use of collaborative design construction verses the outdated bid method of construction. We began offering turnkey design/built construction to our clients after seeing the negative results within the typical bid method process. Our executives and project managers know the commercial and industrial building industry inside and out – from taking a concept to planning, to working with municipalities efficiently, to building and opening your business within timelines once thought impossible. All while making the process as clear and concise as though executed with surgical precision.


Why should Chandlee Construction be your General Contractor?
Technology: We offer a technological system that gives you 24/7 real time access for your project – daily reports, updates, photos, milestones, etc., from your phone, tablet or computer.

Confidence and Trust: Check our Dun & Bradstreet ratings, our Better Business Bureau ranking, our customer reviews, our reputation in the industry, our awards from INC500 and INC5000, Pacesetter, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Forbes, the Mayor’s Award of Excellence, etc. Your needs are the force that drives us to ensure you achieve the successful completion of your project – goals, schedule and budget.

Integrity: We will review any bid a client receives to ensure they receive the best possible deal – a deal that will deliver an accurate schedule, no surprises, the use of the highest quality materials and workmanship, and for the promised amount of investment. We give you all the facts first, a full breakdown, line item by line item. We have built thousands of projects without one lawsuit or judgement against our firm for wrongdoing.

What to expect from Chandlee Construction -

  • Expect clear and concise communication.
  • Expect every email and phone call to be answered as response time is how we conduct business.
  • Expect every team to care about you, your goals and your project.
  • Expect honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity from every employee in our company.

Our Clients
psi security service


stix Asian Cuisine

Rooftop Dining Planned in Midtown Location
The Stix Asian Cuisine restaurant is “coming soon” to Midtown with designs “inspired by a NYC award-winning legendary location".
Check out the link below:

Best Restaurant Contractor in Atlanta

Stix Asian Cuisine Files Building Permit Application
Chad Dillon of The Boiler will open a second Atlanta restaurant in Midtown. Check out the link below:

Best Restaurant Contractor in Atlanta

Best Restaurant Contractor in Atlanta
Chandlee Construction Company named best Restaurant Contractor in Atlanta, Georgia by Atlanta Architects! check out the link below:


In April of 2020 General Contractors online magazine published a feature on the best pizzerias in each state. Chandlee was chosen for the State of Georgia with their PizzaFire project in the town of Brookhaven just north of downtown Atlanta. This is the link to the original article:


Best Pizzeria Builder
Chandlee Construction - Named as the "Best Pizzeria Builder in Georgia" by GC Magazine! This will be the second #1 award handed out to C&S by "GC Magazine" within 2 years!

Atlanta Business Chronicle

Atlanta Business Chronicle
Atlanta Business Chronicle ranks Chandlee Holdings #26 out of 100 with 2018 Annual Pacesetter’s award!


Liberty Hall at It's Best!

Chandlee Construction chosen as commercial contractors for construction at Liberty Hall in Alpharetta! Five floors of construction as well as the building’s exterior and rooftop spaces and landscaping.


We are proud to be recognized by General Contractors Magazine as one of the 14 Best Commercial Contractors in Roswell, GA! Visit the link below to check out the top 14 Commercial Contractors that made the list!

Industry Era - 10 Best CEO'S of 2019

Industry Era - 10 Best CEO'S of 2019
Seth Chandlee, CEO
Industry Era Magazine
“10 Best CEO’s of 2019”

Chandlee Construction

#561 in USA
#25 in Georgia
#23 in Atlanta
#2 Atlanta Gen Contractor


Higher than JM Wilkerson and Choate Construction. The highest score a company can achieve is 80.

Boys Andgirls Clubs
Boys and Girls Clubs

Chandlee Holdings sponsors two holes at 2018 Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta Golf Classic. “Thank You” to all the sponsors who joined us!

Annual Business Award
Annual Business Award

Chandlee Companies recognized at Annual Business Award Recognition Breakfast by City of Alpharetta, GA!


Seth Chandlee welcomed as a member of  The Founder’s Club  - August 9, 2018 - to honor our country’s men and women who forged a great nation, to carry forward radical ideas of liberty, and strive to leave to posterity a better world than he inherited.

AIX - designed by ai3
AIX - designed by ai3 – wins Silver May 7, 2019!

The ASID’s Design Award recognizes the terrific design happening in Georgia. Another Atlanta firm placed higher for a restaurant design built in Nashville. Daniel Maas, AIA, partner at ai3 said, “So, AIX is actually the best restaurant design this year in Georgia!" Chandlee built the AIX and Tin Tin in 2018.

C&S True Grid Certified Installers!
C&S True Grid Certified Installers!

Go Green! Choose eco-friendly pavers over asphalt or concrete. Saves money, no plans or permits, recycled wheel stops, choice of filler (sod, sand, pea gravel, slate chips, etc.) for parking lots, roads, driveways, patios and more.

International Facilities Management Association
International Facilities Management Association

Official member of Atlanta Chapter of International FacilitiesManag Management Association (IFMA).

Best Retail Contractors in Atlanta,Georgia
Best Retail Contractors in Atlanta, Georgia

Chandlee Construction has been named one of the "Best Retail Contractors in Atlanta, Georgia" Check out their article here:



Seth - I’ve been a project superintendent for Chandlee for more than 12 years now. There hasn’t been one project that we’ve ever built through Chandlee whereas you/company didn’t do the right thing by the client and the customer.

Click here to read more:


This team was an absolute pleasure to work with. I'm always skeptical with contractors after some past experiences, but Chandlee put my worries to rest and that peace of mind is worth more than I can express in my business. Thanks for being honest and maintaining constant communication.
Chris Fowler


"Your team is killing it right now. Absolutely love working with Nick - couldn't have picked a better contractor. Honest, no nonsense, on time, on budget." Ramon Ballesteros, Owner, Pour Taproom


“I may have hired the wrong architect, but I sure hired the best general contractor!” Bryan Prewitt, Cryology


Christopher Campellone, with Beltone Hearing Aid Centers, commented, “Just want you to know that your team is great to work with. Seth, you are lucky!”


“Benton Green with Retail Planning recommended you, as well as friends in the commercial real estate business. C&S, out of four general contractors, responded first and with the best bid! Bryan Prewitt, Cryology


“When we chose Chandlee Construction we pressed something like the Staples Easy Button," remarked Urban Cookhouse president, Will Gillespie.


O my goodness! Y’all are truly amazing and will make these proud owners and amazing people so happy!! This is such a good deed – you have no idea! E. Earnhart, Realtor


Solidcore Studio
Thanks for the hard work! Appreciate the transparency and working out the kinks. Making adjustments after the final walk-through showed integrity. The space is wonderful - clients love it. Savannah Bowdoin, Madison Yards Manager, Solidcore Studio

Andrew Chong, Keller Williams Realty

“Thank you, C&S, for putting this together so quickly. I am most impressed with your level of care and responsiveness. I will contact you when the space is ready.” Andrew Chong, Keller Williams Realty

Olivet University
Olivet University

“Thank you, Seth, for your help through this process. We appreciate the great work that Chandlee has done, and we hope to get this new campus done together!” A. Lin, President, Olivet University

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