Welcome to Chandlee and Sons Construction Company

When you choose Chandlee and Sons Construction as your commercial construction company of choice you are hiring an integrated team of highly qualified contractors, architects, engineers, designers and managers who are committed to taking every project from concept to completion. We offer worry-free customer service through focused attention to detail and design rarely found in our industry. Our technical and trade expertise have earned our company a stellar reputation across the expanded metro Atlanta area.

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company offers professional supervision, industry leading performance, reasonable and highly competitive pricing and a guaranteed predictability of outcome to each client. We provide quality construction, a commonsense approach to sustainability with a focus on getting every client the maximum benefit for their investment.

As general contractors Chandlee and Sons offers design-build, ground-up, build-out, light industrial and every type of business construction including site development. We are experts in shopping center, department store, retail, office, gym, studio, salon, gallery, restaurant and bar construction offering tenant finish, remodel and renovation design and build. In addition, our firm has expertise at incorporating fast-track construction methods and value engineering into qualifying projects. Thanks to our professional team we can offer complete consumer space design as well as expansive commercial and industrial development. Chandlee and Sons Construction Company was formed in 2005 and is under the Chandlee Holdings, LLC umbrella.

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Chandlee Electric Expands with Merger

Steve LaFlamme, owner of CE Electric, who possesses over thirty years of experience in electrical installations, recently merged his company into Chandlee Electric. Steve, who assumed the position of Chief Operating Officer, brings his experienced staff and equipment to the table. With this merger Chandlee Electric now has over twice the personnel and equipment. New staff members are being added to the team to handle the increased work load. 

Chandlee Electric was formed in January 2016 and produces over 2.5 million in annual sales. This commercial electric contracting company offers complete electrical services for new and renovation construction including LED installations, parking lot and site lighting installations, vehicle charging stations and more throughout the extended metro Atlanta area. Chandlee Electric contracts with Chandlee and Sons Construction Company and other commercial construction firms. 

Job openings for both Chandlee and Sons and Chandlee Electric are posted under the Career tab in the menu bar above and again on the Chandlee Electric website on the career page under the Contact tab in the menu bar. The website for Chandlee Electric is www.chandleeelectric.com.

The offices for Chandlee and Sons Construction Company and Chandlee Electric are in Suite A at  8181 Industrial Place  in Alpharetta, Georgia. Contact information for both companies is found under the Contact tab in the menu bar above.