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Concept Design Services

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company offer conceptual design services through our in-house architects, engineers and designers. Bring your ideas and dreams to us and we will create the drawings, renderings, design boards and presentations that will bring those ideas and dreams into 2-D and 3-D reality.

Hank Cheatham approached Seth for assistance with his ideas to transform the interior of the flagship restaurant of his chain, Stuffed Burger, in Athens, Georgia. Through our architects and engineers Hank was presented with design boards and plans that enabled him to see his vision in colorful detail. Through Hank’s ideas and the expertise of our team, he was able to get exactly what he had in mind.

Another client wanted to build an Ace Hardware store in a small strip center that had six separate retail spaces. Our architects and engineers were able to show him through drawings and renderings how the walls between the spaces could be removed to create one large 9,000 square foot space and what would be required to bring the space up to code.

Both of these clients secured us as the contractor on their jobs and both are very happy with the results. To view these and all of our current projects choose PORTFOLIO on the menu bar on this site. Look under the “Restaurants, Bars” category to see Stuffed Burger and under the “Retail” category to see the Ace Hardware store.


Everyone at Chandlee and Sons Construction is ready to work with you to take your ideas and place them in the proper format so you can see your finished project. We provide all of the required drawings and documents that you will need to take to a reputable contractor.

If you want our team to take your concept to the next step we will be most happy to work with you in the construction of your business. Whether your design requires demolition, ground-up construction, the remodel of an existing space or the tenant finish of a new space, Chandlee and Sons has the expertise to perform all the work that is required to your satisfaction. By having our team provide all the services you not only save time and money but it is so much easier to work through the entire process with one company.

To contact us please look under the Contact tab or the Construction tab for a quotation form that can be completed and submitted immediately or send an email to sales@chandlee.com anytime – a Managing Partner will respond to your request quickly.

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