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Tenant Finish

The terms tenant finish, lease-hold improvement, and tenant build-out or up-fit define the scope of the construction that is performed within a retail space to enable a tenant to operate a business. Before a new tenant can occupy a space construction must be performed to insure that the space meets specific municipal, county and state codes and requirements. The scope of the project will also include customized elements for the type of business to occupy the space. For example, a dress shop would require dressing rooms, a bakery would require a kitchen, a grocery store would require cold storage and check out lanes, etc.

The landlord usually provides heating and air-conditioning units and ducting, the stub-in of the electrical, the stub-in of the plumbing and a restroom with a door. In some cases, the landlord may even provide a specific amount of funding toward the cost of the construction.

Chandlee Construction Construction Company is a retail, commercial, and light industrial general contracting firm serving the Atlanta area. Seth Chandlee and Jim Chandlee are specialists in tenant finish or tenant improvement construction and they know exactly what elements are necessary to meet the codes and requirements for any retail business. They know how to accommodate a client’s specific needs and how to save a client money without compromising quality.


Chandlee Construction Construction can build offices, waiting rooms, conference rooms, reception and customer service areas, dining rooms, restrooms, kitchens and break rooms, dressing rooms, exam rooms, rooms for special equipment, storage rooms, work rooms, design rooms, and built-ins (cabinets, desks, bookcases), as well as decks, porches, landscaping and more. They are experts as incorporating unique design elements and creating spaces that are specific to any type of business.

These are typical tenant finish or tenant improvement requirements:
Electrical and lighting fixtures
Plumbing and fixtures
Walls, doors and trim
Surface finishes for ceilings, walls and floors
HVAC, sound and security systems
Built-in structures, furniture, and more  

Chandlee Construction offers architectural and engineering concept and design services, fast-track construction, value engineering and the latest technological advancements. We are committed to serving the client responsibly and ethically and we make every effort to bring in our projects on time and within or under budget. Contact us by phone or email anytime for a free consultation and quote on your project.

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