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Guide to Construction Cost 2021

Throughout the project the CMAR firm might also be responsible for assisting the owner in the following areas:


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Ready to move to Value Based Pricing

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Compaction is largely misunderstood in the industry, and fill construction is largely taken for granted.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A short, concise statement summarizing the project description. The overview should list critical objectives that must be achieved in order to complete the project successfully.

The project scope will give you essential details regarding the precise tasks and their technical aspects. Specific methods and techniques required for the completion of a contractors performance will be listed, along with the evaluation criteria.

This section of the scope of work will define the administrative procedures on the project. How are change orders handled? When and how are payments going to be issued? These questions are ideally answered in this section, along with any other pertinent contract and legal requirements.

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