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Chandlee Construction Company provides commercial grading construction services. Our commercial contracting firm has performed grading and utility construction and site development since the inception of our company. Our founders and our project managers are greatly experience in this and all forms of commercial construction.

There are stages involved in grading or land clearing construction. The first stage is ‘grading of land’ or ‘cut and fill’ which is the process of moving dirt from an elevated area to fill in a low-lying area. Grading construction is necessary to provide a level base (or a predetermined slope of the land) upon which additional construction can be placed. Proper grading is necessary to pour a foundation for a building, or a base course for a railway or a road, or even for garden and landscaping, as well as for surface drainage. This type of construction is also called earthworks, finished contouring or sub-grade. Grading construction is always required on ground-up and shell construction, as well as some design/build and remodel construction. Grading requirements are provided in the engineering and architectural documents for each specific project.

Site grading defines the process of creating the elevation of the soil, or slope of the land around a building. The project may need the land surface to be even to provide a firm foundation, therefore, before construction begins the surface is evened out or made level. Site grading is often performed on a portion of a large property.

Rough grading is the stage where proper drainage is established throughout the property and around the building site. This is an important step in protecting future development from water run-off and flooding. Often detention and retention ponds are excavated, as well as underground detention and retention systems. It is at this time that topsoil may be added to the land surface to further prepare the soil to receive for sod or seed.

Finish grading, final grade or the ‘final draft’ is performed after all required drainage is in place. This process enhances the soil to receive grass seed or sod, and presents the property as complete. Oftentimes a project requires the creation of curbs, gutters and paving.

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