Ground-Up Construction

Ground-up construction projects begin when the project site has been prepared. The first stage of this type of construction is the installation of underground utilities including gas, electrical, cable, plumbing, and sewer lines. Portions of these utilities are left exposed to later be extended into the new structure. The footings and other components to support the weight of the structure are constructed. Gravel is spread within the specified dimensions and leveled so the concrete slab can be poured as most commercial structures require a slab foundation.

When the foundation has set the walls are erected made of concrete blocks, steel beams and other approved materials that fulfill the requirements of the design. The walls of each floor may be constructed one at a time or they may extend many floors as one piece, again depending on the engineering and architectural requirements. The steel foundation for each floor is also installed and the framing in of the roof begins.

Once the exterior walls are in place the project is then brought “under roof” which means that the entire process to date is covered by the supported roof structure. The openings for windows and doors may be covered in plastic to protect the materials. The work on the exterior will continue but most of the work at this point is concentrated on the interior.

The utilities are expanded inside the structure to include cable, satellite, telephone and

other hi-tech services along with the extension of the electrical, HVAC and plumbing. The interior walls are erected with metal studs, insulation is installed, all openings are framed, and doors and windows are installed. Ceilings and floors are finished, wall surfaces are completed, and necessary fixtures are installed. Additional exterior site work will be completed as the interior is being finished.

This same process is applied to an existing structure as an addition to a remodel or build-out project. A growing business may require additional offices, conference rooms, exam rooms, retail space, storage or space for employees. Chandlee Construction can construct an addition for any type of business from the ground up and make it flawlessly fit into an existing space.

Chandlee Construction uses proven construction methods and the highest quality materials. Their professional team of engineers, architects, designers and contractors can take any project from concept to completion within budget and on time through company supervised management. We have a stellar reputation and are highly experienced in the design and construction of any commercial project. For a free consultation and quotation, please contact us by phone or email.

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