Art, Music & Design

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company created the Art, Music & Design category for the same reason as we created the new Commercial Renovations category: our Portfolio was rapidly growing. As we undertook more projects that were the same the existing categories became crowded. The purpose of the Portfolio is to enable visitors to our website to quickly find what project(s) stirs their interest. By creating more categories, a visitor can quickly choose a category and sort through the featured projects on each page.

The Art, Music & Design category highlights projects that involve art, like the R Alexander Fine Art project; or music, like the Bach2Rock franchise project; and lastly, design, like the Donahia, International showroom project and the project for designer, Joel Kelly.

Even though this category is growing, we determined it is important to highlight these projects because of their unique elements. One such unique example, is the Bodies: The Exhibition project. It involves elements of science and medicine but from the prospective of art and display.

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company hopes to add to this interesting category. If you have such a venture similar to one of these above, give us a call or shoot us of an email. Contact information is found under the Contact tab in the menu bar above. We will gladly provide a free consultation and free quotation.