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Remodel, Renovation or Refinish

Remodel, renovationor refinish projects are alterations to or reconfigurations of the interior and sometimes the exterior of acommercial or residential structure. Projects of this type are often required because the existing space needs to be expanded to accommodate growth or the space is required to meet current building or zoning codes. In the case of commercial properties renovations are most often required to accommodate a new business or tenant. Included in a remodel may be replacements, alterations, modifications or upgrading.

Certain renovation projects may be subject to specific requirements that are identified in the zoning code as "change of use” and in the building code as "change of occupancy”. Typical commercial renovations do not include the expansion of existing structures or the building of new structures. If there is to be a newly constructed structure it will be defined in the contract and it will require separate permitting.

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company are experts at commercial renovation and remodel projects and are located conveniently in Alpharetta, Georgia to serve the greater metro Atlanta area. Chandlee and Sons’ team of qualified professionals provide every stage of construction to ensure all spaces meet every requirement. We use only the best materials and most up-to-date techniques. We build according to the specifications and obtain all permits and certificates.


We typically provide:
Demolition and removal or construction of dividing walls
Construction of interior rooms: offices, restrooms, storage, etc.
Plumbing and electrical components and fixtures
HVAC systems
Steel studs, insulation and drywall and ceiling components
Wall finishes including baseboards, painting, wallpaper, etc.
Installation of doors, trim and hardware
Floor finishes
Cabinets, built-ins and furniture
Sound and security systems

Whether you need to remodel your business or are beginning a business for the first time, Chandlee and Sons Construction Company will do all that is necessary to complete your project meeting, and hopefully exceeding, all of your expectations to guarantee a job well done. As commercial renovation experts serving the greater Atlanta area, Chandlee and Sons Construction is your best choice for any commercial project because of our expertise and convenient location in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Take the time to view our web site; look at the variety of our commercial projects and read the information. Contact us anytime for a free consultation and quote. We are ready to work with you to bring your vision to reality.