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Commercial Remodel and Renovation

The terms remodel and renovation are two different types of construction. A commercial remodel project involves altering the structure of a space. This type of construction is utilized when the use of an existing space is changing, or the structure or style of a space needs to be transformed. If the layout of the space or the floor plan is being reconfigured, this is also remodel construction.

Commercial remodel construction is most common in shopping centers and strip malls when one type of business moves out and a very different type of business moves in. A good example of this is our Silver Dollar Pawn project under the Retail category in our Portfolio. The pawn shopped moved into a space formerly occupied by a Chinese restaurant.

Remodel projects may be subject to specific requirements that are identified in the zoning code as "change of use” and in the building code as "change of occupancy”. A remodel project may require expanding beyond the existing structure. If this is the case it will require separate permitting.

When renovating a project, the contractor is hired to return the space to new condition. This can involve replacing existing windows with energy saving windows or changing the finishes of an existing business (paint, flooring, cabinetry, etc.).


Two projects Chandlee Construction renovated are the Venti Italian Bistro and the Stuffed Burger Restaurant.

The many white box projects we have perform for developers are also commercial renovation projects – they are featured under the Development category in our Portfolio. The scope of these projects is to remove the finishes from a previous tenant and return the space to a neutral environment, a white box.  Often, we bring existing utilities up to code in the process. Now the space is ready for a new tenant – a new business.

Whether you have a new business that will occupy a previously used space, or you have an existing business that needs a fresh look, Chandlee Construction Company will supply all that is necessary to complete your project, meeting, and hopefully, exceeding your expectations. We will gladly provide a free consultation and quotation. Contact us by phone, email or submit the quotation form and someone from our office will contact you quickly. All contact information is located under the Contact tab in the menu bar above.

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