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Site Development

Site Development is the implementation of all the improvements that are needed for a construction site to be prepared for or underlying a structure or development before construction can begin. Development of a site covers a wide range of activities that are defined by the design of each project.

Before work can begin on an actual site, there must be planning and, most importantly, prudent management. Chandlee and Sons Construction Company is an excellent choice to manage and prepare your next site for any type of commercial, industrial, heavy civil or environmental construction. We are also well qualified to complete the entire construction of whatever project you have in mind.

Site development is the infrastructure upon which the project is to be constructed. The first stage of the infrastructure is to prepare the site by performing the following:

erosion controls

clearing and grubbing


boring, blasting and pilings

temporary and permanent retention and detention ponds

After preparation is complete the new site work begins with the installation of the underground utilities that include: water, sewer, utilities, site storm drainage, and high performance utilities, as well as, flood control, interceptor sewers, collection sewers, pump stations, lift stations, and sewer aerial crossings.

The final stage in developing the site involves paving all curbs and gutters, controlling erosion, and cleaning up.

The site must be inspected during each stage of development. Theses inspections include the first ground disturbance inspection, the pre-construction inspection, the side sewer inspection, the special inspection, and the final inspection.


Many times during the process of site development some or all of the following environmental issues will need to be addressed:

  1. Wetlands – which are defined by soil conditions, as well as fauna and flora, are protected by the Federal Government under the Clean Water Act as well as additional state legislation.
  2. Flood plains – which are defined by federal maps and are prohibited from development.
  3. Biofilters – which are portions of the landscaping dedicated to cleaning impurities from storm water prior to releasing it into the storm water system.
  4. Retention and Detention facilities – which are containment areas designed to prevent the flow of water off the site after development from exceeding the flow of water prior to development – these are required on every site.
  5. Brownfields – which are previously developed sites, and because of this are considered contaminated. Since more states encourage the redevelopment of such sites, which are most often located in urban areas, they offer incentives and protection to developers.

Chandlee and Sons Construction Company is experienced in a variety of site developments. Our firm has developed 115 acres containing 247 lots in subdivisions, 32 acres with 22 units in condominiums, a total of 10 strip centers with a range of 1.5 to 5 acres, and office parks. Our most recent development was the Bethany Bend office park in Alpharetta, Georgia. This project also included the ground up construction of every brick office building in the project.