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Site Development is the implementation of the improvements that are needed to prepare a construction site or underly a structure or development before construction can begin. Site development covers a range of activities that are defined by the design of a project.

Before work can begin on site, there must be planning and, most importantly, prudent management. Chandlee Construction Company is an excellent choice to manage and prepare your site for any type of commercial or industrial construction. We are also well qualified to design and build whatever project you have in mind.

To prepare the land or site, the infrastructure must be created. This involves establishing erosion controls, clearing and grubbing, and grading. The project may also require boring, blasting and pilings, and usually, permanent and sometimes temporary retention and detention ponds.

Site work begins after preparation is complete with the installation of utilities that are placed under the ground. These include water, sewer, site storm drainage, electric, gas lines, as well as, flood control, interceptor sewers, collection sewers, pump stations, lift stations, and sewer aerial crossings.

The site must be inspected during each stage of development. Theses inspections include the first ground disturbance inspection, the pre-construction inspection, the side sewer inspection, the special inspection, and the final inspection.


The final stage in developing the site involves paving all curbs and gutters, controlling erosion, and cleaning up.

Often during the process of site development environmental issues will need to be addressed. These may include wetlands, flood plains, biofilters, retention and detention facilities and brownfields.

Civil Construction is infrastructure that involves water, earth and transport with many components that duplicate site development. Civil construction focuses on the creation of the core infrastructure such as pipelines, sewers, water treatment systems and telecommunications. It also involves the design, maintenance and building of both natural environments and physically created environments such as buildings, roads, highways, bridges, tunnels, dams, rail transit lines, water reservoirs, airports, subdivisions and more.

Chandlee Construction Company has experienced staff with years of expertise in the development of subdivisions, condominiums, strip centers, office parks and larger, more complicated commercial and industrial developments. Contact our offices by phone or email – we will be glad to evaluate your site and provide a free quotation. You may also submit the quotation form located in the floating blue banner on the lower left.

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