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Chandlee & Sons Construction on Midtown Atlanta Design/Build Project

October, 14 By admin

Jasper-GeorgiaThe crew from Chandlee Construction is working on the rough-in of the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems beginning this fifth week of the Evolation Yoga project, October 14, 2013. The insulated radiant barriers are being installed in the walls of the yoga studio with additional insulation placed on top of it to further insure the control of the temperature. This ‘Hot Yoga’ system raises the temperature during the workout session and returns it to normal at the end of the session for the comfort of the clients. The sprinkler system is to be installed along with the grids for the ceiling. After the inspection the dry wall will be enclosed.

This design/build project by Chandlee Construction is located on 8th Street in Midtown Atlanta in a former bank building. It is a multi-level structure that houses separate locker rooms and showers with the lobby on the first floor. A curving stairway leads up to the above spaces and the studio. Take note of the unique curving wall in the photo.

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