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Chandlee & Sons owner says, “It is a good day at Big Sky.”

December, 12 By admin

What about two stories! The BIG SKY Restaurant is currently under double project management by Chandlee Construction, the contracting company that is building this newest restaurant in Buckhead in north Atlanta on Cains Hill Place. With not only extra management, Chandlee and Sons is utilizing fast track construction methods with their crews in order to complete the exterior and interior finishes at an incredible pace. “Grease traps have gone in, the sewage lines are in, the plumbing drains are in, the interior electrical is roughed in, the exterior stucco is almost completed, and the bases for the columns are being set (as shown in the photo) – these will be finished in stone. All and all it is a good day at Big Sky,” says Chandlee Construction co-owner, Seth Chandlee on Thursday, December 5, 2013!

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