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Chandlee Construction is Working at an Accelerated Pace on Big Sky!

December, 27 By admin

This restaurant project has three separated spaces that each open to the outside through large glass garage type doors. Two of these spaces on the first floor: one in the front and another in the back of the building. The photo on the left shows the third such space on the top floor in the front of the building that is accessible from both the inside and by steps from the outside. Also in this photo there is rectangle structure that will have countertops placed on it made of onyx. These onyx countertops will have lights placed underneath that when lit will give the appearance that the stone is glowing.

The roof of Big Sky is constructed of steel, glass and a variety of woods (a portion of the ceiling can be seen the photo on the right). The interior walls are made of tiles, and again, a variety of woods with different finishes. To see the full photographic portfolio of this project and many other projects by Chandlee Construction, please visit the website at

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