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November, 12 By admin

evolation-yoga-5th-picChandlee & Sons Construction just completed the large task of installing the three layers of insulation including one thermal barrier layer and one moisture barrier layer in the walls of the 2,500 square foot Hot Yoga room. (This is shown in the photo). Hot Yoga is a heating and cooling system that instantaneously raises and lowers the temperature before and after the workout for the comfort of the clients. The installation of the extensive audio system that allows customers to listen to music on their ipods was completed.

One particular challenge to the crew was to engineer 8’ by 8’ sheet rock panels to access the individual air conditioning units that are suspended from the ceiling throughout the space for maintenance. Painting is schedule to begin along with the installation of the various floor finishes; rubber in the Hot Yoga room, polished concrete throughout the common areas, quartz concrete in the baths, and hard wearing, eco-friendly bamboo in the standard yoga studio. Along with unique design features and state of the art equipment, this project has a craftsman who is creating various design elements from heart pine in his shop off site. He is designing a soffit made of two curved wood sections that intersect and then intertwine within each other. He is also fashioning benches and the customer check-out counter from the same heart pine.

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