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Convert Standard Garage Door Carriage Style Garage Door $5000 Dollars

December, 30 By admin

A Quick Solution to improve your homes Curb Appeal; Convert your Garage Doors into Carriage Style doors; Brought to you buy Atlanta’s Preferred General Contractor – Chandlee Construction.

A simple way to upgrade your Garage Doors is to go to your Local Home Improvement store and buy simple gate hardware; Four Hinges and Two Handle Pulls.

Buy Four matching Gate Hinges ( Choose the style you like ) and Buy Two Gate Handles. Take the New Hinges/Handles to the Hardware section and buy a short bolt that has a head big enough to hold the Hardware to the Garage Door. Make sure the Screws match the New Hardware and make sure to buy nuts that fit the screw.

Take everything Home; Position the Hinges in each corner of the Standard Garage Door. Take a few measurements to make sure they are all in the same place in each corner. Once you’ve double checked your measurements hold the Hinges/Handles in place against the Garage Door and make a mark thru the Bolt Holes with a pencil. Put the hardware down and drill your holes for the new gate hinges and handles.

Once the holes have been drilled, hold the Hingles/Handles in place – put the new bolt thru the hole. Install your Nuts on the back side of the Garage Door and tighten them down with a Ratchet/Screw Driver.

Stand back and look at your Pretty New Carriage Door. This simple method will save you Hundreds of Dollars over buying a Carriage Door. In total, you should pay no more than $ 350.00 per Garage Door for a Standard Size Garage Door and the Carraige Door Conversion Method. ( Materials and Labor )

Now your Plain White Garage Doors have become Carriage Doors for less than $ 25.00 per door.

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