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Fire and Water Damage

April, 25 By admin

Chandlee Construction Company is Atlanta’s first choice for Fire and Water Restoration. We work closely with you and your insurance carrier to provide a thorough inspection and estimate of the damages to your property. Our goal is to provide a seamless fire or water restoration with a flawless process from our extensive commercial/residential background. Chandlee Construction has been certified in mold remediation by the State of Georgia and has been trained by a leader in the “Mold Remediation” industry to ensure further water damage or mold growth on the damaged property.
Our Atlanta based company returns families and businesses in a timely manner and we also pride ourselves in taking extra attention to detail.

Professionally Trained Water Damage Restoration in Atlanta, Georgia.
When you are faced with unforeseen events involving water damage or fire in your Atlanta home or business, you want to rely on a local General Construction Company who can remediate and reconstruct. Chandlee Construction is a “one stop shopping” company that can resurrect your residence or business in a timely manner. We have over three decades of experience in water removal and certified mold remediation to ensure your health & budget. We will estimate the extent of your flood/water or fire damage, bill your insurance company and perform water extraction and removal, and address any additional damage due to the unforseen event.

Chandlee Construction will make all efforts to prevent further water or fire damage to your structure and offer timely professional drying/repairs to prevent further damage to your investment. Waiting or delaying the repair process…. will only make water extraction, clean up and repairs be more extensive and expensive. Chandlee Construction has listed different causes for water damage in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Inclement weather, water, flood, fire damage
Water heater flood
Water line to ice maker flooded
Washing machine overflow
Dish washer overflow
Toilet overflow
Frozen, burst, and leaky pipes causing internal wall leaks
Leaking roof
Fish tank breaks
Leaking doors and windows
Leaking skylights
Damaged plumbing
Rodents chewing on electrical wires
There are so many possibilities for any home in the Atlanta area to be damaged….
Water damage and flood damage in Atlanta homes or business can occur in different areas of your property. Examples are:
Carpet water damage
Ceiling water damage
Wood floor water damage
Wet crawl space water damage
Flooded basement water damage
Sheetrock wall water damage
Interior wall water damage
Bath tubs overflow water damage
For water or fire damage in Atlanta, Chandlee Construction will provide the following to our customer:
Water or fire damage inspection
Professional flood or fire.smoke repair estimates
Water extraction and removal
Drying / dehumidification of flooded space
Complete property reconstruction
Direct insurance billing
Chandlee Construction Company will Document your water or fire damage and provide the quality and value you seek. We will partner with your insurance advocate to protect your assets.

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