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Hiring Design-Build Company – Big Benefits

November, 13 By admin

What is design-build and what are the benefits?

In layman’s terms, design-build is a system of construction contracting under which one company performs the architectural, engineering and construction. In business terms, design-build can mean major cost savings.

The design – build method of building is much more efficient than the traditional method of hiring one architect, one engineer, and one general contractor. Imagine working with only one company from Conception to Completion. This method of construction is 30% faster than traditional construction.

In this method of construction there is less room for miscommunication between the involved parties, your costs are dropped significantly, and the amount of time saved will pay for itself 10 fold.

There is no doubt design-build is slowly becoming the construction method for savvy Consumers.

Chandlee Construction is a Full Service Design/Build company that offers professional design-build services for any project. Commercial or Residential

In House: Draftsmen, Architects, Engineers, Designers, and General Contractors. We are proud to announce the ability for our customers to work with a celebrity TV Designer should they desire

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